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Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam Museum (formerly known as “Amsterdams Historisch Museum”, Amsterdam Historical Museum)(Kalvertstraat 92) — Located in the very center of Amsterdam, this museum is crucial for understanding Amsterdam rich history. Apart from its permanent art treasures, Amsterdam Museum presents interesting temporary shows – not only about Amsterdam recent history, but also about its people, arts, fashion […]


Ahoy Rotterdam

Ahoy Rotterdam (Ahoy-weg 10, Rotterdam) — This is one of the biggest indoor event halls in the Netherlands. World-famous musicians have been playing to packed halls here for decades, but Ahoy also hosts major sporting events and trade fairs, such as the “ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament” (a.k.a. Rotterdam Open) tennis tournament.


‘t Blaauwhooft

‘t Blaauwhooft (Hendrik Jonkerplein 1, Amsterdam) — A plain neighborhood brown cafe in the gentrified Westelijke Eilanden (Western Islands) district has been transformed into a great Dutch eetcafé by the simple expedient of adding a kitchen and a menu. It partakes of the villagey setting on these tranquil islands — which feel isolated despite a […]



Alexandrium (Watermanweg, Rotterdam) — Shopping mall Alexandrium includes a Shopping Center, Megastores and a Woonmall. With 136 stores Alexandrium Shopping Center is one of the largest shopping malls in the Netherlands. Alexandrium Megastores is a shopping boulevard with 16 mega retail stores. At Alexandrium Woonmall you can find everything in interior design: from furniture to […]


Bar Tender

Bar Tender (Coolsingel 83A, Rotterdam) — Go to Bar Tender for drinks before you dive into the nightlife. It’s the first shooter bar in Rotterdam and offers a range of 200 different shots. During the day Bar Tender serves coffee, cake and sandwiches. Bar Tender has a modern interior with colorful paintings and a luminous […]


About Holland

Even though scholars note the history of the Netherlands (a.k.a. Holland) as far back as the days of the Roman Empire (when that country was a far-flung northern outpost), from a visitor’s point of view, the real history of the country started during its Golden Age (17th century). At that time, the Netherlands was a […]