In Amsterdam’s city center, driving a car is discouraged. Parking fees are expensive, and many streets are closed to cars or are one-way. The local government sponsors carsharing and carpooling initiatives such as Autodelen and

Public transportation in this modern city is equally as advanced as it is efficient. It is nearly all run by the same company, GVB, so you can use the same rechargeable OV-card with a personalized chip for all journeys. This also allows you to go between different modes of transportation (Metro, Tram, Buses) within a single commute, paying the GVB boarding fee only once within a 35-minute period. You’ll scan your OV-card upon entering and exiting the vehicle, being charged the boarding fee plus a small fee per kilometer traveled. Disposable OV chip cards are available in a range of fares, from a single journey that costs € 2.60 to a seven day pass that is € 30.